Sep 13 2011


Groceries, lawn, garden, papers, blogs, kitchen–all things that I’ve had to ignore in the craziness of teaching full time and tutoring 4 hours a day.  Today, I was able to catch-up on some of these.  So thankful to get some things done.

Sep 12 2011


In a 1 1/2 week period, I will miss school four different days–all for school obligations; in 15 years of teaching, this has never happened.  Today, it appears that I will survive this and be able to write decent sub plans so my students are still learning.

Sep 11 2011


Today, I’m so happy that despite problems and despite hatred and despite stupidity America is still free.

Sep 10 2011


Today, I presented at our forensics conference.  It went well and was helpful to those who attended, so I’m thankful.

Sep 9 2011

Another Year Older

Today is my birthday.  It has been a good birthday.  Hanging with forensics people, eating cheesecake at 11 p.m., having a few drinks I didn’t have to pay for.  Good day.

Sep 8 2011

Most of my Time

Today, I’m really glad that the majority of my time at work is spent with teenagers and not adults. Yep, today, that’s enough.

Sep 7 2011

My Friend

After I moved away from my college friends, I kind of gave up on having a best friend who would really accept me, warts and all. I mean, I have quite a few friends, but very few really know me.  However, over the last year, I have been fortunate to find a friend who accepts me when I’m being crazy and ditsy and stupid and grumpy and channeling my inner sailor.  Today is her birthday, and I’m so thankful for the friend I have in her.

Sep 6 2011


So glad for an easy-ish day back from the 3-day weekend.  :-)

Sep 5 2011

Hello, Gorgeous, Wish you were HERE!

Today, a drive through some of God’s most BEAUTIFUL country.  He is so good and SO CREATIVE! :-)

Sep 4 2011

Happy Trails….

Today, a BEAUTIFUL ride through the mountains on horseback.  WONDERFUL!  I forgot how much I enjoy riding.