Jan 13 2013

Some time at the Abbey

Downton Abbey started last week, and tonight’s a new episode.  So excited!

Jan 12 2013

Being Enthralled

Tonight, I’m thankful for friends willing to go see crazy shows! Quidam was fantastic!

Jan 11 2013

New Start

Due to a snow day on the last day of finals, we finished finals on Monday and started second semester on Tuesday, so I’ve been living in two semesters all week.  Tonight, I am thankful to have put semester one to rest: grades turned in, things filed.

Jan 10 2013


Tonight I prepped for teaching some AP kids that aren’t really mine.  It’s a grant, and I get to teach some Saturday sessions.  So far, it’s been fun, and I’m glad I have the opportunity and had some time to plan tonight.

Jan 9 2013


Tonight, I planted myself at my dining room table and FINISHED grading the essays my kids did for finals on Monday.  I’m so glad they are done!

Jan 8 2013


I’ve gotten back into yoga this year, and it’s been great. Our site took a couple weeks off during the holidays, but tonight, we started again.  I missed it. :-)

Jan 7 2013

Back to “Normal”

Last week, we had teacher meeting.  Today, students came back.  I’d so much rather be in school when students are there. :-)

Jan 6 2013


Over break, I’ve done a bunch of tutoring with a family I’ve worked with for several years.  I’m so thankful God brought this fantastic family into my life.

Jan 5 2013


Tonight, we had a fantastic family dinner complete with steaks, caramelized mushrooms, and bread pudding.  Add to that a Packer win, and it was pretty much a perfect day.

Jan 4 2013


It’s such a great feeling to get lots of stuff done.