My Birthday….

I just turned 35.  When I think about being 35, it’s not a big deal.  I’ve really enjoyed being in my 30s: I feel like people take me more seriously in my job, not questioning me as much as they did in my 20s, and I’ve had so many amazing experiences in my 30s; however,when I think about the fact that I’m only 5 years away from 40, I get a little freaked out.  I just can’t imagine myself being 40.  Part of that could be because I always thought that my late 30s and 40s would include a family of my own, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards–at least, not if my life up to this point has been any indication.  I know what you’re going to say, “God can change all of that!”  And I know that to be true, I do!  BUT (you heard it coming, didn’t you?) I feel like I’ve been living in this state for a really long time, and that this is the rest of my life.  Not that I don’t like my life, but at some point, I’d like to know that that other kind of life (the one that involves a husband and 2.3 kids) could be my life…someday.  Right now, this feels like my only possible life.

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  • Tammie Says:

    You know what God told me about “BUTS!” In my own life I have found that He may not fulfill my dreams in exactly the way I had planned. So far, though, He has been fufilling my dreams in ways I never imagined possible :-)

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