To Live will be the greatest adventure.

In 2006, I stumbled across curling, and I have to say: I love curling.  Curling, as I’m sure you know, is bocce ball meets broom ball meets shuffle board meets physics with, as I found out, a little yoga mixed in. 

When I first saw curling, I was enthralled!  Now, I admit that it may have been the cute, single boy on the US curling team that first caught my fancy, but as I watched, I became fascinated with the finesse of the game.  I mean, how did they know when and where to sweep? And how did they know how hard to slide the rock? And how were they able to make the rock curve? It amazed me!  And I was hooked!  I started recording all the curling matches since they were on in the middle of the night.  I even went online to see if there was any curling around here and found that we have our very own curling club!  While I always meant to go watch some games, I never got around to it as their season is in the midst of my busiest speech and debate season.  But then, my friend Tammie emailed me.   

Let me tell you some things about my friend Tammie.  She’s had a rough year: she’s been unemployed for most of the year (she’s got a great job that she loves now), her mom was sick for most of the year and died, her dad had heart surgery, and she’s been dealing with all the typical issues that go along with life.  I’ve watched her throughout this year and seen her deal with all of these trials with grace and joy and peace. When most people meet Tammie, they think she is just a quiet gal, but Tammie is much more; she’s a force to be reckoned with.  She’s a strong, confident, loving, intelligent, joyful woman who is full of surprises.  A few years ago, she decided she wanted to try something new at least one time a month, and since I’m always up for an adventure, I joined her in this quest.  That year found us, among other things, watching the Colorado Mammoth Men’s Lacrosse team.  Unfortunately, life got in the way that year and we didn’t finish.  But with all Tammie’s been through in 2007, she decided this was a good year to revive this goal and invited me to join her.  She’s calling it The Year of Living Adventurously, and in January we had our first adventure.

You guessed it: we went curling!  Tammie had seen an advertisement to “Learn to Curl” on Friday night, so we went, and we had so much fun!  Curling involves a grip foot, a slider foot, a broom, a 42 pound granite rock, and lots of ice.  First we learned to slide, then slide and hold the broom, then slide and hold the rock and broom, then slide and hold the broom and release the rock.  All of this learning involved squatting and lunging which caused my thigh muscles to revolt as they separated from my bones for the next week.  It also involved some serious falling on my tuchus which involved serious laughing.  Our instructor said I had good form; I’m pretty sure that amounted to the same as my Russian friends saying I spoke Russian with no accent which is to say that they were just being nice, but it was encouraging to know that I didn’t totally suck. We were on the ice for about two hours, and by the time we left, I was freezing, but it was so fun. 

I have so much more respect for curlers, and I’d totally join the league if it didn’t conflict so much with my forensics schedule.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to open that chapter in my life.  For now, Tammie and I are off to our next adventure which we think will be fencing in February and skydiving in May or June, but we are open to suggestions as we’ve got 9 other months (as well as a whole lifetime)  to live adventurously.  After all, as Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing.”

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