Sep 7 2011

My Friend

After I moved away from my college friends, I kind of gave up on having a best friend who would really accept me, warts and all. I mean, I have quite a few friends, but very few really know me.  However, over the last year, I have been fortunate to find a friend who accepts me when I’m being crazy and ditsy and stupid and grumpy and channeling my inner sailor.  Today is her birthday, and I’m so thankful for the friend I have in her.

Sep 6 2011


So glad for an easy-ish day back from the 3-day weekend.  :-)

Sep 5 2011

Hello, Gorgeous, Wish you were HERE!

Today, a drive through some of God’s most BEAUTIFUL country.  He is so good and SO CREATIVE! :-)

Sep 4 2011

Happy Trails….

Today, a BEAUTIFUL ride through the mountains on horseback.  WONDERFUL!  I forgot how much I enjoy riding.

Sep 3 2011

That’s how I ROLL

Today, I rode a bike down a mountain highway, down 5,000 feet, starting with temps at -4, around switchbacks.  It was AWESOME and EMPOWERING and CHALLENGING and BEAUTIFUL because “That’s how I roll….”

Sep 2 2011


Today, I visited the site of The Battle of Little Bighorn.  As part of our visit, we sat in on a presentation by a former history teacher who absolutely made the story come alive as he shared the facts and the conjecture that surround the story.  I love basking in the passion of others.

Sep 1 2011

C’Mon Inn

C’mon Inn. LOVE!

Aug 31 2011

Your Best

Today, I had my first college recommendation interview of the year.  As we were talking about what this student has done in high school, we started talking about one of the classes she had taken that, while she wasn’t very thankful for it at the time, she now recognizes it as one of the best classes she took in high school.  I love getting to hear when kids realize that the best thing isn’t the easy way out but that the best thing is the most challenging and difficult classes that teach you and grow you and help you become your best.

Aug 30 2011


Today, I’m so glad I survived my schedule and got lots done.  There are never enough hours in the day.

Aug 29 2011


Today, I’m thankful that there are only a few days until our yearly SOSS weekend meeting! :-)